Web content development and
       distribution solutions for
       browser-based applications
       across computers, tablets, and

Business Accountability

At The Tri-Screen Connection, we emphasize first-to-market solutions, fast-track revenue and cash savings for optimization of consumer and business segments. We take end-to-end accountability for timely delivery and your satisfaction that goals have been achieved.


Our experience crosses all fundamental business disciplines required to determine scalable implementation of new online business applications. Three major leadership projects standout: 1.) CRM: original web-based development and nationwide implementation of CloseTabs™ for Time Warner Cable, 2.) IPTV: development and implementation of web-based content channels over FTTH for FairPoint Communications, 3.) Digital Publishing: development and implementation of Web-e-Books® for The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC.

Partnership Solutions

Our experience enables us to work with enterprise and small-to-medium businesses that require high-level industry presence, key partnerships, open source and custom developed software, content creation and publishing, provisioning expertise, technical support & training, and ongoing productivity metrics. We offer integrated services solutions for complete end-to-end business model execution and distribution of expanded service solutions aimed at rapid market penetration and growth.

Customer Mission

Your customer acquisition and maintenance is our mission and the core focus of our end-to-end approach; backed by thoroughly researched recommendations, forecasts, technical solutions, schedules, communications and support programs, on-line and field deployment, training, provisioning, and operations procedures.

Market Orientation

We bring sharper focus to the development of market-driven products, services, and applications by enhancing the build-out and the efficient, extended reach of your products and services portfolio. Our solutions address the introduction of new services, customer acquisition and migration programs, market-share improvement, customer service and retention.  We apply our vision to the successful execution and oversight of programs aimed at improving end-user knowledge, focus, motivation, and loyalty, while identifying future opportunities and creating road-maps for ongoing success.