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Business Intelligence


At The Tri-Screen Connection, we believe market research undertaken at three stages is essential to preventing misdirection of online applications: design concept testing prior to initiating a new product or service to determine end-user receptiveness; design testing during development to ensure the web-based application is good as it can be; and satisfaction testing post product or service introduction to determine end-user satisfaction levels.

Our team has a long history of conducting end-user research that will keep you on track and help you avoid missed opportunities and faulty assessments. Our experts have been conducting on-line market research studies since 1995 across a broad area of subject matter, from consumer and business studies to industry-specific projects for communications companies, high-tech manufacturers, health care, biotech, financial services, food, pharmaceuticals, real estate, and retail enterprises.  We specialize in delivering reports that are readable, understandable, and meaningful so clients can execute decisions with full confidence.

The Tri-Screen Connection can provide professional product research to generate valuable insight prior to major investment decisions in new online applications and services, and end-user surveys to determine needs relative to current products and services. We believe the importance of the decisions you make about your web-based application development merits the highest quality of analysis. 

The Tri-Screen Connection can meet your research needs on a local, national, or global level.