Web content development and
       distribution solutions for
       browser-based applications
       across computers, tablets, and



Tap The Tri-Screen Connection's development experience. Let us help expand your market penetration for products and services and improve client satisfaction.

If in the past your market has been limited by reach, the future will be unlimited by your new web-based application.

Quick Start Professional Services Development: Offered in minimum (5)-hour blocks, and as a starting place and supplement to our full-service business modeling and revenue development program, we provide the opportunity for senior management, product/marketing executive, or online services management to consult with The Tri-Screen Connection via telephone, online, and email. Remote services are utilized for both initial discussion and written summaries of evaluation and planning recommendations. On-site meetings are always your option. The areas below demonstrate subject areas that may be analyzed:

  • Existing or new consumer or commercial product/services
  • Needs assessment and developmental programming attributes
  • Recommendation for web-based application 
  • Technology review, selection, and implementation
  • Development road map and scheduling
  • Testing and deployment
  • Communications, training, and support
  • Applications management and future considerations
  • Budget analysis and proposal development

The Tri-Screen Connection will deliver and execute your web-based application to quickly help you seize new revenue from products and services and to serve customers more effectively. Your solution will include a business development strategy that:

  • Leverages communication, use, and growth through efficient alignment of product and service
  • Extends reach through effective use of technology and management processes
  • Balances investment, growth, and resources for optimum productivity
  • Controls phases of deployment
  • Operates at peak performance
  • Unites technology and applications to support your business environment
  • Extrapolates the benefits of best-of-breed technology
  • Drives revenue growth at exponentially higher levels
  • Improves and lengthens product life cycles
  • Delivers new market opportunities
  • Ensures continuity of customer product awareness, acceptance, and use